As requested and truly merited a few words in English in appreciation for a superb day spent at the school of Jean-Pierre Goy. The school is: Jean-Pierre, with the magnificent Lucille conjuring behind the scenes (I should also mention J-P’s sister – another formidable character).

A microcosm of the biker world assembled early on Friday morning as supplicants at the knee of Jean-Pierre – while road tires are doable, and most had them, something more knobbly would be preferred as was demonstrated by the Africa Twin that struggled especially on the outside sortie. We were then subjected to all manner of antics; all such manoeuvres were demonstrated with more than elan by Jean-Pierre as he made his 1200GS perform what we mortals will never be able to do. All the time with huge grin on his face – his face always seemed to remain vertical as his bike challenged the laws of motion and gravity. The tuition was excellent, precise and easily comprehensible to my english speaking colleague – there was no doubting that we were in the presence of someone who knows bikes and biking to a degree to which we can only dream – the advice revealed this through its nuance and micro-control.

We all improved in our technique and confidence as the morning progressed. Slow speed maneuvering, braking with confidence, ruts, logs, humps – all the time with the big 1200GSs and our lighter 650GSs (after early, perhaps youthful, experience in Africa we hadn’t succumbed to the BMW big boxes and bars marketing bullshit) tipping over right, left and centre – lol! In the afternoon there was more of the same followed by a trip into the local by-ways. This gave us all the opportunity to practice what we had learned in a real world scenario.

In conclusion, J-P showed more than prowess but real hospitality when we camped for three days in his garden, using his showers, sharing beers and croissants etc.

Furthermore from the first telephone call to the last goodbye, Jean-Pierre, his school, his teaching, his advice, his world view (learn to embrace being out of control – there is a buddhist in there somewhere!) was nothing short of five star. I shall try to come back for another day to play in this big childrens’ sandpit.